ELS Spotlight With Hunter Stuckey

Hunter Stuckey is Vice President of Lending at Signature Bank in Bentonville, Arkansas.

My job responsibilities include serving our customers in whatever their needs may be, and to manage the loan portfolio as well as deposit relationships for both commercial and consumer sides.

What is your biggest leadership struggle?

Making sure that I still take time to let myself be led when the opportunity presents itself rather than always trying to be the one with the right idea.

What is the greatest advice you have ever been given?

Whatever you are, be a good one.

What does effective leadership look like to you?

Post-2020 is certainly going to change how a lot of processes in any industry are done. Leaders are going to have to be able to prove their understanding and flexibility to all of their teams needs/conflicts now more than ever as we tackle the post-covid world.

The ELS Spotlight is an ongoing series to highlight our Emerging Leaders from around Arkansas.