ELS Spotlight With Bill Oliva

Bill Oliva is AVP/Loan Officer for First Community Bank in Batesville, Arkansas.

My title is AVP/Loan Officer, and I have been tasked with better serving our underserved communities to assist them with all of their financial needs, be it deposits, loans, insurance, business services and more. My job is to make all of my customers feel included regardless of background or status. I am proud to be the lead of our Diversity Outreach Department, because it will allow us to connect with various areas within our markets that are not being served to their full potential. Financial literacy is a large part of what I do. I think it’s one of the most important, if not the most important, thing that we can do in order to help our customers succeed. I believe that you can’t change habits that are not good habits if you do not know they are wrong.

What does effective leadership look like to you?

To me, an effective leader will always establish an environment of honest and open communication with their team by truly listening to each member, as well as possessing a genuine overall understanding of the organization’s purpose and goals.

What is the most important leadership lesson that you’ve learned?

While I’ve learned many lessons in my successive positions, the one lesson that has resonated the most is to never stop learning! Whether you’re improving an academic skill, picking up a new hobby, or expanding your professional knowledge, your efforts lead to meaningful personal growth. Your education is an investment, because it helps you become a more well-rounded person. The moment we become complacent in learning, is the moment we cease to be successful. Which when considering leadership is the opposite of what you should be striving toward.

The ELS Spotlight is an ongoing series to highlight our Emerging Leaders from around Arkansas.