Banker Candidate Q&A With Frank Scott

Meet Frank Scott, Vice President of First Security Bank’s Little Rock & Central Arkansas Market, and candidate for Little Rock Mayor.

What inspired you to run for office?

I am a proud son of Little Rock. And like many other longtime residents, I often wonder why Little Rock has not experienced the same progress as so many other cities in the South. We have watched friends and family – unwilling to believe that today’s Little Rock can support their ambition – migrate to cities like Dallas and Nashville. Out of determination to help lead our city toward its full potential, I launched my campaign for mayor.

Why is it important for bankers to be involved in, and knowledgeable about, politics – particularly at the local level?

Local businesses are the backbone of a healthy economy. We must create an environment that enables Little Rock to be an incubator for fresh ideas and allow the talents of our residents to prosper. As a local banker who has financed numerous small businesses, I have witnessed the ingenuity of our many residents. And I identify with business leaders who want a mayor that will cut red tape at City Hall, grow jobs and provide opportunities for residents to thrive. Moving Little Rock forward requires an all-hands-on-deck effort, and I believe our business community can serve as a catalyst for this progress.

You’re running for the office of mayor, what importance does service to your community in this capacity have?

As a local banker, I am invested in the economic opportunities of the Little Rock. I often sit on the frontlines of ambition for many aspiring entrepreneurs, and play a vital role in transforming dreams and ideas into realities and livelihoods. But it is impossible to play this role effectively if we aren’t truly connected to the community we serve. Effectively serving families and local businesses in banking or politics must start with fostering trust and building relationships in the community.

Elected officials provide a voice for their constituents...what does that responsibility mean to you?

I believe that politics should be about working together in good faith to build a better Little Rock where all of our families can thrive and our businesses can prosper. This means making real investments in creating jobs, safeguarding neighborhoods, and supporting local businesses. This holistic perspective focused on growth was acquired through years in the banking industry, and it continues to drive my approach to leadership.

This Banker Candidate Q&A is a follow-up to the article “From Making Loans to Making Laws,” published in the August 2018 issue of The Arkansas Banker.