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Survey: Banking is Office-Based Industry Most Likely to Have Employees in Person

September 6, 2022

A recent survey of hybrid work policies in the U.S. and abroad found that banking was the most likely of the 13 office-based industry sectors studied to have a large number of employees in the office at any given time. According to the report by consulting firm AWA, the banking sector had an average daily office attendance rate of 47%, higher than health care (43%), energy (41%) and the 10 other sectors studied. Banking also had the highest average rate of office desk use—that is, number of employees occupying available seats on any given day—at 66%.

The survey found that across all sectors, North America had a lower office attendance rate (21%) than the U.K. (29%), the EU (27%) and the Asia Pacific region (23%).

Sixty percent of the offices surveyed said they did not have a hybrid working policy in place. Among those that did, the two-to-three day hybrid model was the most popular policy, though employee in-office attendance at these firms averaged below minimum mandates. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays were the most popular days for in-office work, with 88% of employees working from home on Fridays. Read more.

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