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ELS Spotlight With Allison Williamson

Allison Williamson is a Financial Center Manager III at Simmons Bank in Marshall, Arkansas.

I am responsible for helping our customers reach their financial goals. I also lead a group of great individuals to help connect our customers to products and services to meet their financial needs. Simmons Bank is very community-focused and allows me to participate in many things to make sure that we are committed to not only our customers but to the betterment of the community that we live in. One day this will be the community that my children will grow up in and I want to make sure that Simmons Bank is a large part of what makes our community stronger, and I am lucky to be able to do this daily.

What is the most important leadership lesson that you've learned?

The best leadership lesson I have ever learned is that the most powerful leadership tool I will ever possess is my own personal example. I spend a large amount of my time trying to show my team that everything I ask of them I am also willing and capable of doing, and that I will never ask anything of them that I would not be willing to get in the trenches and do myself.

What is the most effective daily habit you possess?

The most effective daily habit I possess is to remember the reason why I chose this job. Everyone comes to work for different reasons, and the reason we choose to come is what makes doing the job worth it. On the hard days I personally make sure I keep at the forefront of my mind that I do this for my family and how lucky I am to have a job that is making my community better, so my kids will reap the benefit of this one day.

What is the greatest advice you have ever been given?

The greatest advise I have ever been given was by my great grandfather Bob Lamb. He told me “The only thing you have control over in any room is your effort, so you need to make sure that you are working the hardest out of everyone in the room”. I now make this a priority in my work ethic and the example I show my team.

The ELS Spotlight is an ongoing series to highlight our Emerging Leaders from around Arkansas.