Candace Franks, state’s bank commissioner, announces retirement

August 5, 2020

Arkansas Bank Commissioner Candace Franks has announced her intention to retire after 40 years with the state bank department. Her retirement date is effective October 1, 2020.

In a letter to ABA CEO Lorrie Trogden, Franks said, "I want to express my most sincere thank you to the Arkansas Bankers Association for your support and partnership with the State Bank Department. During my over forty years with this agency we could always count on our excellent relationship whether it was in education and training programs, community presentations, advocacy and our general respect for bridging the gap between a regulator and the industry. I appreciate you and your Board for all of your support for me and for the State Bank Department. Arkansas bankers are the Best of All!"

Franks was first appointed bank commissioner by Gov. Mike Beebe in 2007. She is the first female, the first professional bank regulator and the longest serving bank commissioner in the 107-year history of the state bank department. Gov. Asa Hutchinson re-appointed Franks to a fourth term as bank commissioner last year.

Franks began her career in 1980 as the state bank department’s general counsel. She was appointed deputy bank commissioner in 1995 prior to becoming bank commissioner in 2007.

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